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The Devil Within Season 3

Catch me as the voice of the killer, David Berkowitz or most notably The Son of Sam, in the new season of the hit true crime podcast The Devil Within. 

A Season in Hell kicks off with a look at the factors that contribute to the success of a serial killer: the place, the time, and the person. For this season of The Devil Within New York City is the place, the 1970's is the time and the person is a vicious murderer named the Son of Sam.

Train And Gain Podcast

Hosted by John Kioskerides, Train and Gain is a weekly podcast that provides a positive corner for overall fitness. We get away from the muscle magazines and gurus, chatting about everything from Fitness & Mental Health to Nutrition & Motivation. It doesn’t matter if you’re the serious athlete, the everyday enthusiast or the inactive Nine to Fiver, our discussions are informative, funny, sensitive and deep. Let's take control of our health together and lift each other up. Your body is in your hands. 


Poor Man Rich Soul

Sold out for three consecutive runs which debuted at the Duke Ellington Theater of the Arts in DC, the new play by director Jimmy Jenkins, Poor Man Rich Soul, has touched the lives of thousands. In these shows I play death row warden James Renfrow. Check back here for more showings!

A Story about Forgiveness, Love, and Redemption

Based on the unfair life of Richard "Rich" Soul, a former world boxing champion, now drunken husband and father who was falsely accused of murder. After squandering all his riches from boxing, Richard has no money to hire a good lawyer or fight the case. Despite his innocence, he is sentenced to Death Row, awaiting execution by lethal injection. It is then that Richard finds holes in his case that he ultimately believes can lead to his freedom, but first he must learn to appreciate all the things in life he took for granted.


YouTube Channel

Official YouTube Page of Actor. Producer. Fitness Motivator,  John Kioskerides. My page is dedicated to giving back to the fitness community that has given so much to me. Check back here for workout tips, chats, Vlogs and competition training videos. All updated weekly. 

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