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Prodos Films Ltd.

Welcome to Prodos Films Ltd.


Storytelling has always been a big part of our lives and now we bring these stories to you. We grew up in Brooklyn, NY and have seen the ever changing, ever evolving neighborhoods that helped shape our lives. This diverse community has provided a sense of place as we aim to produce fictional and non-fictional content that is human, real and relatable. Let's go on a journey together.

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Upcoming Projects


Paolillo: A Story of Brotherhood, is a documentary feature film that explores the unbreakable bond of ordinary individuals under extraordinary circumstances.


Actor/Filmmaker John Kioskerides highlights the themes of love and loss, inspired by his late Uncles, FDNY Special Operations Command Deputy Chief John M. Paolillo and NYPD Detective Second Grade Joseph M. Paolillo, both whom died as a result of the WTC collapse.

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Train and Gain is a weekly podcast that provides a positive corner for overall fitness. We get away from the muscle magazines and gurus, chatting about everything from Fitness & Mental Health to Nutrition & Motivation. It doesn’t matter if you’re the serious athlete, the everyday enthusiast or the Nine to Fiver, our discussions are informative, funny, sensitive and deep. Let's take control of our health together and lift each other up. Your body is in your hands. 


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